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Ecue Media Company is a marketing firm in Branford, Ct.

We help you design, launch and maintain your marketing campaigns. Getting you back to the business of running your business,
EM keeps your website running smooth, your ads steadily getting hot leads, and your marketing materials looking sharp
resulting in a hefty boost to your bottom line. We believe in long lasting relationships with our clients,
being their confidants and consultants providing advice in technology and marketing.

We offer Skype consultations, helping them devise strategies that push their business forward.
We believe in long lasting relationships and we’ll be there for all of our clients way after the sale.


We work closely with our clients aiding them in the creation process.

Sometimes a blank canvas isn’t very inspiring and
some visual aid is needed for the gears to start turning.

We create rough drafts and wireframes to help our clients
see the future of the project without sacrificing precious time.
Since business moves at the speed of though and as your competitors
aim to secure their share of the market, your time is a precious commodity.

Our Services


Backing up your site is one of the most essential maintenance tasks needed to insure your investment of money and time is protected. Have your site backed up daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Malware Scans

Malware can wreak havoc on your business. Customer data can be compromised, your site could be used as a pawn in a larger network designed to do harm. We protect your files by doing weekly scans and monitoring.


Keeping your WordPress site running smoothly means doing necessary updates when they become available. Making sure to maintain plugins, theme files, and content means a fast performing site and better user experience.

Learn WordPress

Want to learn how to manage your website? Get help and advice from our professional WordPress developers and designers. Get access to walk-through, videos made custom to assist your specific problem.

Premium plugins

Experience is everything. Knowing what plugins are needed to get the job done saves the client time and money. We keep a library of premium plugins and provide our clients access.

Site Monitoring

We monitor your site for unauthorized access and provide you with IP address of offenders. Have intruders blacklisted by a range of filtering options to make sure an appropriate audience views your site.

Uptime Monitoring

Get alerted when your site goes down. This service helps you decide on whether or not your host is providing you the services you’re paying for. Down sites mean lowered rankings on Google Searches.


Have a feature you want integrated? Need custom layout? Want to add some visual elements to your existing site? We can handle your custom development needs, no matter how big or small the job is.

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