• Do you have your Facebook Pixel tracking code installed? No? You really should!Facebook gives it's advertisers and business page owners to gather data on their page viewers and customers to give owners an insight into how the users utilize their content and media. This is an unparallel way to market and remarket your products and services to interested viewers.The way the Facebook Pixel code works is it fires upon page load or a host of other function such as a button or link click or a list of other custom conversions and reports activity to Facebook.Now here's the real kicker. We've all been to Amazon and had products we viewed chase us around the web. How is that done? Using Facebook Pixel.The code is attached to the browser where the user sees relevant ads based on specific action the user took, or website they visited and so much more.As an advertiser, you're literally leaving money on the table not having the imensly useful tool working for you.Let's get The Pixel Installed and get your advertising under control
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